What’s new (on the website)

28th August 2019

  • Added page with club constitution.  NB I notice updates for last season 2018-19 (including 2 news stories} not included here.

18th November 2017

  • Late changes were made to teams  competing in divisions 4, 5 and 6 in the Border League and this led to discrepancies between fixtures listed here and on the Border League website.  Details of 6 matches in these divisions have now been corrected  on this website so fixtures should now be consistent with those on the Border League site.

1st November 2017

  • Bell Trophy fixture (Camberley  v Guildford) added on 09/01/2018

22nd September 2017

  • Halsemere fixture Br v Gu added for 27 November
  • Designation of Stoneleigh added for Sou v Gui on 14 December

19th September 2017

  • Local league fixtures and Junior Dates updated for the new season

1st December 2016

  • Fixtures added: Wok C v C (15th December) and Cr C v C (3rd May)

7th November 2016

  • F v Cr E fixture moved from 19th December to 30th January

31st October 2016

  • Secretary and treasurer added to Contacts

5th October 2016

  • First game to be published on the website: a win by Julien Shepley against Viktor Stoyanov of Sandhurst in this week’s Guildford A v Sandhurst match.

3rd and 4th October 2016

  • Contacts updated
  • New (extra) version of fixture list has extra column for club rota

23rd September 2016

  • Junior dates updated for the new season
  • Border League Farnham v Guildford A fixture moved from 31st October to 3rd November

22nd September 2016

  • Local league fixtures updated for new season

22nd October 2015

  • Castles v Guildford Lauder Trophy fixture added  (Wednesday 25th November)

9th October 2015

  • Guildford v Fleet fixture (Haslemere)  added for 2nd November

28th Septembet 2015

  • Guildford 2 v Guildford 3 fixture added for 15 October

22nd September 2015

  • fixtures updated (added God v Gfd B (Haslemere) on15 October)

3rd September 2015

  • fixtures for 2015-2016  season added here.
  • dates for junior section added here.
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